General Storage & Shelving Solutions

Are you looking for Storage Solutions NZ? Hydestor offers a wide range of storage shelves NZ wide.

Hydestors extensive range of steel storage systems have been developed by hands-on directors who, combined, have over 100 years of history and experience in the Commercial, Educational, Retail and Corporate arenas.  

Our products are manufactured and powdercoated in our factory in Auckland, to an extremely high standard and are renowned for their outstanding reliability.

We can design shelving to accommodate your particular sized product, with adjustability and flexibility, that can also cope with access or weight capacity requirements.


Purpose Built for New Zealand

In New Zealand we are subject to a wide range of seismic risk depending largely on our geographic location and it is this, and the huge variety of possible shelving combinations, that makes any generic solution almost impossible.

At HYDESTOR we address each project based on its specific circumstances, when designing a shelving installation, to maximise the overall structural integrity and user safety. While our mobile Rollaway Shelving units are largely unaffected  by seismic events, static units are more vulnerable and may require support by fixing to floors, walls or have overhead tie arrangements depending on their height and depth.

The Christchurch earthquakes have proven the quality of the entire range of HYDESTOR Shelving Systems where there was virtually no observed loss of structural integrity over hundreds of installations.

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