Library Shelving

Hydestor provides library shelving solutions NZ wide. Modern Learning Environments also require solid shelving to house your full collection – our quality library shelves are the right foundation.

Hydestor are the Library Specialists in steel Library Shelving.

To view details about our library shelves, please see our PDF brochure - Hydestor Library Shelving 

We make your space work !  Functional, Fun and Operational.

The key, in a word, is experience.

Hydestor are here to advise and assist.

Enjoy the benefits of Hydestor’s market leading shelving system. An extensive customer driven range of display options with aesthetically pleasing design and robust construction backed by Hydestor's experienced team.

No longer just a place for books, the library is challenged to be a stimulating, questioning environment. Driving shelving solutions that allow for the right mix, the right presentation and the right investment choice is a critical component to the success for the library.


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