Panel Shelving

Whether it’s for little cubby holes for rolled up documents, or enormous spaces for large boxed items, Hydestor Panel Shelving is a customized range of panel shelves to match your exact need.

Whether you require panel storage for a pristine office upstairs or a dark dungeon below or a historical museum or state of the art school, Hydestor Panel shelving  can be designed and configured utilising a variety of thier accessory components to suit your space and  merchandise.

 Extensive range of Powdercoating colours to choose from


Below is a range of accessories which can aide in creating a more user friendly work environment.

    • clip-in file dividers

File Compressor Plate

    • file compressor plate

    • pigeon holes

    • reference shelves (slide-out)

    • bin fronts

    • product retention bar

    • garment / file hanging rails

  • customised drawers

Plus we can custom design to suit your needs

There are Lockable doors available to secure your files and records.


Decor Panels - are flush slimline finishing panels that can be retrofitted at any time to the sides or backs of Hydestor panel shelving units. (image to come).
This feature can enhance your decore by providing an eyecatching, complimetary finish to the exposed working area.

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Width/Length – 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm;
Depth – 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm;
Height - 1800mm, 1850mm, 2100mm, 2150mm, 2400mm

Consistent with our desire to provide a superior service we offer a comprehensive five year (5) warranty as detailed in our Warranty Schedule for Goods & Services.
Lead time: 
We will manufacture to match your requirements rather than deliver a pre-formatted 'solution'. As such lead times will vary and we will discuss this with you as part of your project planning.