Wall Mounted Shelving

Hydestor offers some of the best wall shelves NZ has to offer:

Our wall mounted shelving and wall storage range can utilize space that is otherwise not used – for example wall shelving above the work bench, photocopier and utilities areas. These are just some of the areas where our Wall mounted Channel range can better utilise that bare space. Create tidy storage areas with an adjustable wall shelf.

Wall mounted underslung shelves

The only limit is the imagination to organise your storage.

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Channel Width – 32mm
Channel Depth – 16mm
Channel Height – 1150mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2300mm

Consistent with our desire to provide a superior service we offer a comprehensive five year (5) warranty as detailed in our Warranty Schedule for Goods & Services
Lead time: 
We will manufacture to match your requirements rather than deliver a pre-formatted 'solution'. As such lead times will vary and we will discuss this with you as part of your project planning.