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We’re specialists in shelving and storage design, manufacture and install 

Welcome to Hydestor. We specialise in the design, manufacture and install of quality shelving and storage solutions for a wide range of New Zealand organisations. And we’re specialists for a reason.

Getting a great shelving or storage outcome is much more than simply finding a good quality shelf or cabinet. We’ll help you layout shelving or storage to maximise space and make the useability convenient for everyone. We’ll help you avoid potential issues (like shelving systems that are too tall for your space and put you in breach of fire safety regulations) and, we’ll help you create the most cost effective solution to meet your needs and space requirements.

Not all shelves are created equal and, more accurately, not all shelves are used equally. Make sure your storage solutions are not only great products, but thoughtfully designed and planned to make them work for your specific needs.


Shelving and storage systems to suit any environment 

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Quality shelving systems to fit any space or storage need 

Regardless of the environment you’re in, we’ll have a great quality shelving or storage system to suit your needs. Our many years of experience have seen us design and install brilliant solutions that maximise storage space and ease of use for a wide range of specialist environments. Click on the links below to see how our quality systems provide smart solutions.

Talk to the shelving and storage experts and discover how to create a storage solution that’s perfectly adapted to your working environment.


Every shelving and storage product you could want 

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Take a look at our range of great NZ Made shelving and storage solutions 

If you’ve got a particular shelving or storage product in mind you’ve come to the right place. Click on the links below to discover the great range of product options available from Hydestor – with over 95% of our component parts made right here New Zealand. 

Have a specific product or storage solution in mind that doesn’t seem to be covered? Chances are, we can help. 



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Creating ideal shelving and storage products for New Zealand working environments since 1989 

For nearly 30 years Hydestor has designed, manufactured and installed quality NZ made shelving and storage products. Solutions specifically suited to fit our clients’ unique working environments, their individual storage needs and of course their budget.

Today, our highly experienced team can help you avoid the many pitfalls and frustrations that can come from poorly planned shelving or storage designs. After all, with nearly 30 years of specialising in this space, we’ve pretty much seen it all, so we can help you create a storage solution that works with how you like to work.

Talk to us today about your new working space – and see how our experienced team can help you to make it look great and perform even better.




Quality shelving and storage solutions that fit your needs

If you’re looking for shelving or storage solutions for your workplace, office, school, library, museum or any other environment, there are a few things to be aware of.  

1.     Choosing an actual shelf or storage unit is only half the battle.

Specific products can be great, but even the best will test your patience if their location and access is restricted. What good is a shelf you can’t reach or a locker whose door you can’t fully open? But simple issues like these aside, there are a number of simple errors that we see all the time that restrict your ability to maximise your use (and enjoyment) out of great quality shelves and storage units.

2.     Get a design that meets your needs (not someone else’s).

All too often we see great shelving and storage plans that the designer loves, but the people who have to use the space don’t. So before you commit to a plan, take the time to understand how everyone in your team will engage with it. It helps to avoid expensive problems later.

3.     Is the solution fit for purpose?

You’d be amazed at how many shelving or storage solutions simply don’t deliver on their promise when put to a real world test. For example, mobile storage units that are designed to carry 500 kilos of ‘stuff’ – suddenly aren’t so mobile when no one in the office can push that much weight around. Getting a clear idea of what you want to store and how you want to access it allows for better product and design decisions.

4.     Can you get extra parts later?

We’re always surprised at how many of our customers lose important components for their shelving system (like the shelf!). So it’s probably more important than you think to ensure that you can get any parts you might need to replace later without a problem. 

5.     Will your partner double-check the details?

As with most things, it’s the little things that can cause the biggest problems. In our industry, that usually means measurements. Measurements that aren’t accurate to be precise. A few millimetres out can cause a world of problems. So, we recommend that you make sure your shelving and storage partner takes the time to double check your (or your builder/designer/architect’s) measurements. Better safe than out of pocket after all!

If you hadn’t guessed already, we’re fans of a thorough approach. An approach that ensures you, our customer, get not just the solution you asked for, but one that works for the way you work.

As we’ve said elsewhere on this site, not all shelves are created equal and, more accurately, not all shelves are used equally. Making sure your storage solutions are not only great products, but thoughtfully designed and planned is what we do. It’s key to ensuring they work for your specific needs – because that’s what they must do.

Make sure you get a great shelving and storage outcome.